3 Reasons You Can’t Afford Not to Renew Your .SUCKS Domain (and How to Maximize Your ROI)

Your brand’s .SUCKS domain is a particularly powerful tool to have in your belt. When used constructively, it can not only protect your brand, but also spark positive conversation. Here’s a reminder of why your brand’s .SUCKS is so important to maintain, and how to make the most of it once you do.

3 Reasons to Renew

Reasons to renew your .SUCKS domain

There are plenty of reasons you should renew your .SUCKS domain. Here are the top three that you just can’t afford to ignore:

Trademark Issues

Scenario: You’ve found success for your product or service online and now others are trying to mimic your formula by borrowing phrasing or imagery from your campaigns (a la the Comic-Con debate).

Solution: By taking up space online you help to stake your claim to your product and the marketing that surrounds it. In some cases, website names can even be copyrighted, which can give you more credibility when you say you own an idea, design or product.

Domain Takeover

Scenario: A disgruntled customer launches a smear campaign against you, using [Your Company].Sucks to sway the public to their side of the argument.

Solution: Even if you don’t actively use it, you should consider defensive gTLD registration as a sound business practice. Whether or not your team decides to put it to use in a creative way, you don’t want to let it fall into the wrong hands.


Scenario: You’re eyeing up a highly desirable job candidate for an open position. You want to make sure that they are excited about joining your team and will accept your offer when you put it to them—so you don’t want them stumbling upon a website set up by a disgruntled customer or former employee that spreads negative and untrue rumors about your company that could sway their decision.

Solution: Protecting your reputation online is about more than just building a customer base. It’s about attracting qualified staff, partners, influencers and investors. Don’t let the rumor mill shape what potential future contacts think when they hear your brand name.

3 Ways to Increase ROI

Ways to increase ROI

So you’ve snagged your custom .SUCKS domain. What now? Here’s how to get the best bang for your buck:

Link Building

Link building is the process of directing people to your website through inbound hyperlinks. One way to do this is to own domains outside of your primary site and link back to your home page. A .SUCKS domain could redirect to your customer help or feedback page, for example. Inbound links help flesh out your search engine optimization, making your pages more likely to show up in Google search results.

Customer Service

If a customer has a bad experience with your product, don’t let that be the end of your interaction with them. Your .SUCKS domain could function as a crisis management center by offering phone or email support, a coupon code for future discounted services or even just a well-tailored customer satisfaction survey.

Control the Message

In order to build a following, you want people to be talking about your brand online. However, the “all press is good press” principle doesn’t mean that you have to submit to negative messaging. Take a proactive approach to control the conversation surrounding your brand and products. Turn your .SUCKS domain into a source of mediation and loyalty-building rather than letting social criticism snowball out of your control.

The Takeaway

Don’t let a prime opportunity go to waste. Claim your .SUCKS domain today and be sure to put it to good use. AWastedOpportunity.Sucks, so renew with .SUCKS in order to tell the story you want the world to hear.

Reclaim your brand’s .SUCKS domain today and start realizing the potential of this unique platform.

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