Mommy Bloggers: 4 Ways to Use a .SUCKS Domain

These days, there are some 4.2 million so called “mommy bloggers” in America. While this somewhat dismissive categorization can be contentious, it is essentially a blanket term for mothers who blog about their families and their experiences in motherhood.

Blogging online has given mothers a place to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences from home. These sites afford moms the opportunity to work from home, socialize with other adults, teach newbie moms what they’ve learned and even make some cash on the side. This kind of freedom is invaluable when you have young kids, so it’s no wonder mommy blogging has become so popular.

With so many mom bloggers on the internet though, it’s hard for any one to stand out from the others, and unfortunately, many are never read by people outside of the writer’s immediate circle of friends and family. So, how can a .SUCKS domain help mom bloggers reach a wider audience?

Create a Platform to Teach and to Learn

Plenty of things suck about being a new parent. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Every time you struggle, you have a chance to grow and learn. You can even share your experiences online with other newbies and commiserate (and laugh) together. You’re also creating a superb archive for future mommies who will need all the help they can get.

PottyTraining.Sucks. NapTime.Sucks. Turn the challenges you face every day into an opportunity to teach and to learn.

Grow a Business

Mother and daughter on the computer

You can prevent the dreaded “resume gap” by building and maintaining a business online. With a blog, you work for yourself, at your own pace, on your schedule and around your other commitments. What could be better than that? Use this platform to make connections and reach out to relevant brands you might be interested in partnering with. You’ll learn valuable skills like how to pitch stories, sell your product and write and edit, while also gaining knowledge in web design and social media marketing.

TheResumeGap.Sucks could be a great way to keep your mind sharp and your corporate skills honed while also sharing the invaluable experience you gain from being a mom.

Champion a Cause

Mother and daughter working separately

A .SUCKS domain offers an exclusive platform from which to amplify your voice on important social issues, like sexual harassment and climate change. Since mommy bloggers are often socially conscious, a .SUCKS domain name is the perfect vehicle for those who want to have their say on causes they feel strongly about. While these causes can include environmental or political issues, moms also have a unique ability to discuss serious issues within the realm of motherhood.

Postpartum depression affects anywhere from 14-20% of mothers, though the number may be even higher considering some mothers are too afraid or ashamed to admit that they are suffering. This is a very sensitive area for mothers, and many can feel entirely helpless and alone when faced with this struggle.

By creating a platform like PostpartumDepression.Sucks to share these intimate and difficult experiences, mothers can find the love and support they need in trying times, while also spreading awareness on important topics that don’t get talked about enough.

Make Friends

Maybe you just need a way to reach out and talk to a full grown adult for a change! Being a stay-at-home parent can be isolating, frustrating and lonely at times. We get it! Mommy bloggers build communities of like-minded people with similar circumstances.

A tongue-in-cheek domain like BabyTalk.Sucks can help moms connect with other moms who need a little more adult conversation in their day.

The Takeaway

Mommy blogs serve many different purposes for many different moms. Whether it’s bringing in a paycheck or offering a fun hobby, they are a place for women to share stories and bond. Why not give it a try yourself?

Want to join the ranks of mommy bloggers and share your expertise and experiences online? Claim BabyTalk.Sucks and get started.

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