The power of negative thinking

It is pretty clear that if you spend any time on the Internet, you will quickly discover that everybody doesn’t like something. The Internet is awash in criticism; some of it unfounded, some of it outlandish, some of it obvious but all of it valuable.

The problem so far is that there has been no way to corral, curate and collaborate in a way for anyone — a company, a celebrity, an institution, a cause or a government — to draw insight from the onslaught. Until now.

Vox Populi Registry has launched a new set of Internet domain names ending not in .com or .org or even .net, but with an emphatic, .sucks.

The goal is to create a designated and well-populated new landscape so that not only will people have the opportunity to speak (we have that now, all over the Internet) but the likelihood of being heard.

Got a cause? A passion? A product? A point-of-view? Plant your flag at