If it sucks, #makeitright

UK-based mobile network operator, Three (www.three.co.uk) launched in 2003, but it is only now that they seem to be willing to say what mobile customers have been saying since, well, since there were mobile network operators: The mobile industry sucks.

Not only are they willing to say so, they are also willing to commit to making it right.

It is a bold campaign — if one looks only as far a the self-incriminating nature of it. Look deeper and you will find a message that has to resonate with the people who most use their mobile phones. It resonates because it is true and spoken in a language familiar to them.

Sucks long ago lost it power as a perjorative. It is a now a point-of-emphasis, a call to action. And in Three’s case, a rally cry for those who have been too long under the thumb (pun intended) of mobile network operators who may know but won’t say.

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