Trailblazers welcome

There has been quite a bit said about the Consumer Advocate Subsidy program we want to see launched in the Fall. It will reduce the ultimate cost of a dotSucks name to make them more accessible to individuals, adding energy to the registry as a platform for criticism and protest.

Lost in the swirl of all that attention, though, is another program, one that will be run by the registry. It is our “Trailblazers’ Program.”

We had thought to focus the Vox Populi Registry’s “Trailblazers’ Program” on partnering with registrants who already operate communities at addresses including the word “sucks,” but somewhere to left of the dot. Think

It is clear, though, that the arrival of dotSucks names has spurred the imagination and stimulated innovation. For this reason the program ought to have room for registrants who want to create a community. Now it does.

Our “Trailblazers’ Program” invites sites to relocate or build upon the emerging community of criticism, commentary and customer service to be found in the dotSucks domain space.

A statement of interest, sent to, is all it takes. Just answer these five (5) questions:

  1. What community do you seek to champion?
  2. How would operating with a dotSucks site help you succeed?
  3. How extensive are your connections in the designated community?
  4. Is the designated community’s current presence on the Internet diffuse, emerging or strong?
  5. Why is this your passion?

Each applicant will be judged on the merit of its mission, reach of its community, diversity of its approach and plan to leverage its new address. As noted above, we are looking for a mix of sites that can rally a community of criticism, commentary or of customer service.

Once selected, we will work with these Trailblazers to help publicize and promote their effort as well as ease the burden of their start-up costs.

Options open to us are extending a payment schedule without interest or deferring the registration and renewal costs for as period up to two years. Applicants may have additional ideas which should be appended to the statement of interest.

It is clear the dotSucks names have struck a chord with people, institutions and advocacy groups. Our “Trailblazers’ Program” is an effort to accelerate the adoption of the new names in support of the passions, problems, causes and opportunities that drive us all.