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in a sea of TLDS.

.SUCKS  is a premium domain
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with .SUCKS

.SUCKS presents unique opportunities for domain owners to elevate and protect their brand. Make sure you’re helping them tap into the potential of .SUCKS

A .SUCKS domain can host a creative marketing campaign, protect brands against negative buzz and provide a hub for candid critiques.

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Your clients are looking for new ways to market and manage their brand, company or passion project, and a .SUCKS domain can do both.


Customer feedback and reputation management are critical to a company’s success and growth. A .SUCKS domain gives brands an opportunity to redirect consumers to product feedback pages where their pain points can be addressed.


Beyond protection, the domain can be used in creative ways. Your clients can drive brand awareness and differentiate from the competition through a .SUCKS domain that everyone can relate to.

How brands can get
creative with .SUCKS?

Get inspired with these examples of how brands
are using .SUCKS to, well, not suck.

Get inspired with these examples of how brands are using .SUCKS to, well, not suck.

Apple.Sucks, should you?

Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. Case in point? Apple has purchased Apple.Sucks, which redirects to their product feedback page. Rather than having unhappy customers shout into a void when they are unhappy with…

Why .SUCKS?  the ROI of a memorable domain

So you have an idea, company, campaign or brand—now what? Owning a website is a no-brainer in this digital age we live in. Potential investors, customers and business partners will expect you to not only have a web…

What's the value of a domain?
A .SUCKS  perspective

We can all agree that NoTraffic.Sucks, but in an increasingly noisy media landscape, it can be hard to get the eyes you need on your content. As a marketer, business owner or campaign manager, you want to make sure that you’re making…

How to use a .SUCKS  domain for recruiting

Let’s face it, recruiting sucks. As an organization, company or movement, you want to recruit the best talent without putting a significant dent in your bottom line. But when the regular avenues to find employees—LinkedIn, Monster or Craigslist…

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sell .SUCKS?

We’re all about working with registrars to provide the best marketing opportunities for your clients. That’s why Vox Populi, the .SUCKS registry, has designed an incentive program to support and reward your sales teams.

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We’re excited to reward high performers with a stepped incentive program. Sales reps can make up to 20% of the total value of the domains they sell each month.