How to Use a .SUCKS Domain for Recruiting

How to Use a .SUCKS Domain for Recruiting

Let’s face it, recruiting sucks. As an organization, company or movement, you want to recruit the best talent without putting a significant dent in your bottom line. But when the regular avenues to find employees—LinkedIn, Monster or Craigslist—yield stacks upon stacks of unimpressive resumes, companies can turn to creative recruiting methods to find their next hire.

Are you looking to make your business stand out from the crowd? A custom .SUCKS website can help you attract talent and find the hires that your business is looking for. Here are some tactics to consider.

Tell Applicants What .SUCKS

Tell applicants what you're not looking for with .SUCKS

When hiring, you probably have an idea of the traits you’re looking for in applicants—ample job experience, clear ambition, strong professionalism. But you probably also have a list of the qualities that, quite frankly, suck. Consider getting cheeky with your job postings by being upfront about what you’re not looking for in your next hire. A custom landing page like TheHiringProcess.Sucks can let your applicants know the what-not-to-dos of applying to your business (e.g., calling to follow up when your listing explicitly says “no calls”; not sending a portfolio or writing samples; showing up late to the interview; lying about previous experience). Smart applicants will appreciate your candid approach, and would-be lazy applicants will realize that they better take the process seriously if they want to land a coveted interview.

The hiring process sucks—avoid sifting through rushed or lazy resumes by being upfront about what you do and do not want in an applicant.

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Empathize With Their Job Hunt

Empathize with their job hunt

You know what sucks more than trying to recruit a new candidate? Trying to land a great job during a bout of unemployment. Chances are, your applicants are just as tired of LinkedIn as you are.

Perhaps you’ve realized, through trial-and-error, that conventional hiring methods aren’t the best way to get a sense of an applicant’s true capabilities. Why not try “speed date”-style hiring instead? Consider holding a day-long open house informing people about the ins-and-outs of your company and its available vacancies. You’ll get a better sense of applicants’ personalities from the get-go, and they will get the chance to assess if your company culture suits them in return.

A custom domain like TheJobHunt.Sucks can empathize with your applicants while advertising job fairs and other events that attract the talent you’re after.

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Handpick Passive Applicants

What makes your workplace special compared to others?

While there are many people out there who are looking for a job, there are also a number of highly-qualified applicants who may be passively considering leaving their current post for greener pastures. And sometimes, these candidates might just need a little encouragement in order to take that leap.

What makes your workplace special compared to others? Perhaps you provide a better benefit package than your competitors, or are more committed to the professional development of your employees. Let applicants know—consider a .SUCKS page highlighting that BrokenCompanyCulture.Sucks or JobComplacency.Sucks and tell your dream candidates what makes your business stand out above the rest. More bold, brazen companies can even purchase [NameofCompetitor].Sucks, and use it to redirect applicants to their own hiring page. Regardless, reaching out to your desired applicants and directing them to your .SUCKS website is an effective way to make them aware of your business.

Job complacency sucks so let strong applicants know why your business is a great place to work, and design the dream team your company needs to succeed.

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The Takeaway

You’re probably not going to find your dream hire on LinkedIn or Monster. Even if you do, you’ll have to commit hours to sifting through dud resumes to get to the gems—and we all know that the slush pile sucks. With some creative hiring techniques, you can proactively find the best hires that will drive your long-term success.

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Learn more about how you can creatively use your .SUCKS domain, or search for your own custom landing page today.

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