Field Report:

From time to time we visit with .sucks registrants to get a sense of their mission and progress. It is a good rule of thumb that the best way to stimulate new ideas is to acknowledge one when you see it.

With that in mind, we offer a field report on the Chicago, Illinois team behind

The idea was the brainchild of Abe Reese, president and founder of Align Us (, a software development company with a focus on efficiency. Reese is a die-hard coder-entrepreneur-ninja with a passion for organizational health.

His firm has won the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies Award four years in the row, proving a capability to turn ideas into reality while maintaining a fun, focused, work environment.

The idea of “This Meeting Sucks!” took hold before the launch of Vox Populi Registry, but the fit was perfect.

The development of a mobile app to extend the reach of the service was deemed essential in our mobile app driven world. But whether on a laptop or smartphone, the opportunity to be heard amidst the drone of a bad meeting is the first step to stamping them out.

As a young organization, Align Us has always aimed to design fun and engaging web tools, staying current with the Internet. This Meeting Sucks! simply uses that same edgy appeal but with a fun, creative twist. Ultimately, the goal is to raise the quality of meetings, making them more productive and successful.

As an early adopter of the .sucks platform, we wish them every success.

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