In some small measure, Vox Populi Registry, or as we have begun to call ourselves, VPR, drew moral support from Facebook for our application to bring dotSucks names to the Internet.

The innovative social media platform has long promoted its “Like” button, both within its four walls and anywhere on the ‘Net. The ubiquitous button gave people a chance to be heard. Likes have become a digital currency all their own.

Of course, it wasn’t the whole story. So it was not surprising when the company also considered adding a “Dislike” button. It makes sense as Like/Dislike are two sides of the same coin, to continue the money metaphor. The plan was set aside when Facebook decided it didn’t want to risk upsetting either its members or its advertisers. There’s that money metaphor again.

Until now.

As CBS reports, “…in recent years Zuckerberg softened his stance, responding to popular demand from Facebook users who say ‘like’ does not fit certain status updates and situations, say a death in the family or a crisis.”

Zuckerberg said the new feature is coming soon, but suggested it might first take shape as a “sympathize” button. Anyway you cut it, people do want the opportunity to comment and there is value in what is said — whether it is a kiss or a slap upside the head.

That has been a driving force for us at VPR. There is value in the criticism. Giving people the opportunity to be heard leads to an honest assessment of products, services and corporate behavior. In that honesty, companies can find a roadmap to more of the market.

We look forward to a dislike button. Afterall, Zuckerberg is halfway there. Facebook has already registered zuckerberg.sucks

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