Words of encouragement

A recent call from a reporter reminded me of the strong currents Vox Populi Registry must navigate. Our desire not to traffic in the number of .sucks domain names that have been registered swims counter to the wave of metrics that have come to define the success (or less so) of the new gTLDs.

Rather than promoting how many, how much or how quickly, we are far more interested in innovation and what is emerging on the platform we have created. It was our hope to give companies a chance to curate and gain insight from criticism, to give consumers a chance to be more quickly and clearly heard and for advocates to more easily rally others to their causes.

Even though it has been less than two months since .sucks names became generally available, we always saw these names less as an address (even if a quirky one!) and more a potential platform for building communities and taking action.

This measure of success will take a bit longer to reveal itself but the early results are good.

I am particularly fond of the emerging community at www.aircanada.sucks. The linking of its Twitter feed and invitation to share stories has given the site a dynamic profile. The energy behind the initiative comes from the registrant’s own and these shared personal experiences that the moderator hopes will add up to seeing real change at the airline.

Less company-specific criticism that may be more meaningful to more people also has found a home here. One in particular has resonance in the current political season: www.corruptgovernment.sucks. Yes, indeed, it does.

Company and public behavior are not the only early subjects – health matters, too. For example, www.heartattack.sucks is being used as a new primary location for practitioners focused on cardiovascular intervention.

There is even a band’s fan site organizing at www.kmfdm.sucks. It looks like “cheeky” fits its profile.

It is likely that the good work of each new site will stimulate the imagination of others. We’d be good with that. Thanks for the encouragement.

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