Are Trademarks the Real MVPs?

Music festivals like Coachella understand the importance of defending a trademark—but they aren’t the only entertainment events to do so. Sports teams and tournaments stake legal claims with names, images and other marks, too. Anywhere a dedicated and ravenous fanbase exists, trademark protection must follow. Sports teams work hard to cultivate a profitable and enthusiastic …

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Have Your Say: What Sucked More in 2018?

Have Your Say: What Sucked More in 2018?

2018 was a rollercoaster of a year. We had highs, we had lows and we had Kanye’s batshit crazy return to Twitter. We dealt with natural disasters, humanitarian crises and unconscionable acts of violence, and there were more additions to Hollywood’s #MeToo Wall of Shame than you can throw the proverbial book at. And that’s …