Pick ‘em: Microsoft, Patagonia & Stihl Take Direction

Pick ‘em: Microsoft, Patagonia & Stihl Take Direction

At our upcoming INTA conference in Atlanta this May, we’ll be showcasing the many ways one can creatively use a dotSucks domain name.

In fact, there are as many ways to monetize a dotSucks domain name as there are companies that have registered their brands. But even as Vox Pop Registry approaches our 9th birthday, there are still many other brands that have yet to take the plunge. 

The hurdle is likely more than the commercial value of the word “sucks”. That question has been answered again and again by companies like Taco Bell (“Sharing Sucks”), Heinz (“Adulting Sucks”), Jolly Rancher (“Being a Rookie Sucks”) and TaxAct (“Taxes and Doing Laundry Sucks”).

Even with these visible examples, others remain cautious. Perhaps we should re-direct (pun intended) attention to the value of re-directing web traffic, like these three brands below.


When someone visits www.microsoft.sucks, they are not taken to a roiling cauldron of criticism of the software company, they are re-directed to the company’s home page.


When someone visits www.stihl.sucks, they are not tossed into a group chat of bad customer service, they are re-directed to the power tool company’s product page.


When someone visits www.patagonia.sucks, they are shocked, shocked to not find tales of product failures but an empathetic service portal asking a simple question, “How can we help?”

And those are just three companies that are using this new tool to drive better customer service, customer loyalty and, ultimately, sales. Of everything that sucks, none of these three companies and their three initiatives are on that list. In fact, re-directing the way we think about what sucks can bring us right to what we’ve been looking for.

We’ll see you at INTA in Atlanta this May, where more creativity with the dotSucks domain name is yet to be unleashed!