These 3 .SUCKS Owners Serve Up a Lesson in Speaking Directly to Customer Pain Points Online

These 3 .SUCKS Owners Serve Up a Lesson in Speaking Directly to Customer Pain Points Online

As a domain registry, Vox Populi is always on the lookout for website owners who think outside the box and use their online namespace to create a unique identity or communicate an important message. In this series, we give kudos to the brands and individuals who are using a .SUCKS domain to do just that—and suggest how other brands can follow suit.


Three brands that truly understand their customers’ needs: Rocketbook, Clearfind, and Eviction.Support.


Each company uses .SUCKS to tap into a specific pain point:

  • Rocketbook uses WastingPaper.Sucks to attract those who want to minimize the amount of paper that ends up in landfills.
  • Clearfind uses ChoosingSoftware.Sucks to empathize with those who have to sift through a million tech solutions before finding the right one.
  • Eviction.Support uses Eviction.Sucks to suggest it has a team dedicated to helping clients get out of a bad situation.

Since the domains redirect to each brand’s respective homepage (, and, it’s immediately clear which products and services they offer to solve their customers’ biggest challenges. That’s what we call creative marketing.


Internet users plug more than 8.6 billion search terms into Google each day. When people have a problem, it’s likely they’ll turn to their favorite search engine to find a way to solve it.

Savvy businesses like those listed above know this, and craft various marketing messages to grab attention and pull consumers into the funnel. A .SUCKS domain is just one of many ways to do that. It can speak directly to the end user’s problem and then immediately offer a solution.

Our Thoughts

The internet has given consumers infinitely more places to voice their problems and hunt for specialized solutions. Companies need to be looking for new ways to a) define customer pain points smartly and succinctly, and b) present their product as an easy, convenient solution to the problem at hand.

Solutions to problems are also getting more specific. Who would have imagined a “waste-free notebook” a few decades ago? Companies like Rocketbook, Clearfind and Eviction.Support have found their niche—and an even more niche way of marketing it.

Entrepreneurs and brands need to latch on to their customers’ primary pain points from a variety of angles and present themselves as the intuitive solution to the problem. A .SUCKS domain presents an opportunity for creative companies to do just that: tell customers what sucks…and then tell them how to fix it.

Want to know how other brands are using .SUCKS to their advantage? Check out how a law firm is using Charged.Sucks, or search for an available domain.

Photo Credit: Yulia Grigoryeva / Shutterstock Inc