Domain of the Month: Blowing.Sucks

Domain of the Month: Blowing.Sucks

Every month we like to highlight a site that is rocking a .SUCKS domain. There are many ways to use a .SUCKS site creatively—but some go above and beyond, inspiring even our own team to reconsider what a .SUCKS website can accomplish.

When we’re sorting through our favourite .SUCKS domains, there are a few factors we look for: Is the URL catchy? Does the site have a clear message? Does it make us want to buy a product, spread the word or join a greater cause?

Blowing.Sucks achieves all of the above. It’s dedicated to educating readers on the health concerns associated with fracking (a process used to extract natural gasses from shale). The site supports the American Lung Association and promotes products that reduce the dangers of traditional fracking methods. By combining informative articles, clear imagery and actionable next steps, Blowing.Sucks goes above and beyond to deliver its message on what frac sand is and why it’s dangerous.

Educating Readers

We hear in the news that fracking is bad—but why, exactly? Blowing.Sucks focuses on the relationship between fracking and silica-related illnesses. Fracking also has huge environmental costs—it requires billions of gallons of water for extraction, creating contaminated wastewater and slickwater (which may pollute drinking water), and accidental oil spills. There is also a concern that fracking can cause earth tremors, leading to other “natural” disasters.

The Blowing.Sucks blog is full of articles and research that help to teach newcomers about the issues of dust from hydraulic fracking. Each post has a space for comments, where readers can leave feedback and ask questions, providing further opportunity for a back-and-forth conversation.

If you want to join the awareness campaign with Blowing.Sucks, there are similar .SUCKS domains that you can use to spread the message, like Mining.Sucks or Fracking.Sucks.

Starting a Conversation

Start a converstation with Blowing.Sucks

Blowing.Sucks wants to start a conversation about the fracking industry and why dust pollution is dangerous for the earth and for your health. They take their movement beyond a great looking website by encouraging readers to use the hashtag #BlowingSucks on social media. This offers like-minded readers a means to connect, share stories and learn more about the cause.

Taking Action

Blowing.Sucks goes beyond simply telling readers what sucks about fracking. They are contributing to a solution. The site includes a page where readers can donate to the American Lung Association, which supports: lung cancer awareness, affordable health care, clinical trials, anti-tobacco campaigns, expert advice and community assistance. They also sell merchandise and donate all proceeds to the association. Blowing.Sucks not only uses their .SUCKS domain to spread a message, they give their readers actionable next steps to help the cause.

Offering Alternatives

Alternatives to frac sand

If “blowing” sucks, then what are the alternatives? Blowing.Sucks suggests Sandstorm, an enclosed frac sand handling system that keeps dust levels down. They offer videos of simulations on their site so that they can demonstrate the difference it makes to use this alternative technique. These short videos are an effective way to get the word out. They can be quickly consumed and easily shared. While this product still supports the fracking industry, it offers a less dangerous and unhealthy option until long-term solutions are found.

The Takeaway

As Blowing.Sucks proves, a .SUCKS domain can help call attention to a widespread problem and provide a central location to educate and mobilize around a cause. We’ve awarded this site our “Domain of the Month” award because it demonstrates that a snappy domain is an effective tool to start a conversation, build awareness and develop a community.

Love what Blowing.Sucks is doing? You can make a difference online with your own custom .SUCKS domain.

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