.SUCKS-ing Your Way Out of It

.SUCKS-ing Your Way Out of It

We’ve been hard on some of the companies we’ve highlighted over Catfish Month, but the truth is that we’ve got a soft spot—we believe in redemption! Hope! The ability for a corporation to rise above its own suckiness!

It’s not even that hard. It requires coming from a place of humility and authenticity, from genuinely understanding your mistake and feeling empathy for the harm done to your customers. It’s a challenge to instill this at an organizational level, especially when you’re in the midst of a total public shitstorm, but if you break it down, the components are simple and timeless:




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Written by Christina Beavis, COO, Vox Populi Registry Ltd.


Christina is the Chief Operating Officer of Vox Populi Registry and has been a member of Momentous Global since 2009. Christina has helped establish Vox Populi as a global, award-winning Cloud Strategy and Solutions Provider. Under her management, Vox Populi has consistently achieved year-over-year revenue, profitability, client and associate growth. Originally from Ottawa, Canada, she currently lives in sunny Turks and Caicos with her husband, 3 kids, and 2 dogs. Her free time is spent avoiding cold climates, playing many sports poorly, and enjoying the slow paced Caribbean lifestyle.



Photo Credits: Unsplash / Headway