Using .SUCKS as a Forum for Online Reputation Management

Using .SUCKS as a Forum for Online Reputation Management

Regardless of your industry, feedback is inevitable. Further, it’s been reported that news of bad customer experiences can reach more than twice as many ears as praise for a positive experience. This means that a single bad review can have more of an impact on your business than two good reviews—but what can you do about it?

People are always going to complain—even we’re familiar with how much DotSucks.Sucks. By claiming a .SUCKS domain, businesses can open up channels to more easily and efficiently address customer concerns both negative and positive.

The key is to make yourself available: if people are going to complain about you online, you want to make sure that the feedback comes directly to your team.

Here are a few ways to utilize a .SUCKS domain as a valuable feedback forum.

Control the Conversation

Whether you’re protecting your brand from unsatisfied customers, bad PR, or an aggressive competitor, you can use a .SUCKS domain to control the narrative around your company’s successes and failures.

If a disgruntled customer buys your brand’s .SUCKS domain, they could use it to disseminate negative and even false information. This could scare away future customers who might not know the difference between authorized information and online venting.

A great preventative measure is to buy your .SUCKS domain, whether or not you’ve got a concrete plan of how to use it. There’s no shame in parking it, especially if it means that you can avoid long-term negative affects of bad reviews or attacks.

When you’re ready to build your site or campaign, provide a space for feedback in a way that is structured to help, not hurt, your brand’s reputation. Point your domain to a landing page that hosts a forum or directs visitors to use a customer service email that goes straight to your team.

Optimize Your Content

Don’t let [YourCompany].Sucks lead potential customers astray when they stumble across it online. You’ll want to be in control of what comes up in your top Google results.

When it comes to what kind of content you’re producing, consider what formats will resonate best with your audience. How-to blog posts, instructional videos, AMAs with staff, positive reviews, resource links—you can turn your .SUCKS domain into a hub for content that you can be proud of. Don’t let it go to waste.

Recruitment Potential

Have a top-notch candidate you’re looking to hire? Don’t let great potential employees slip through your figures because they stumbled across unaddressed negative feedback about your company online. Sites like Glassdoor allow anyone to give anonymous feedback about a current or past employer, which can work against you or in your favor.

Turn your .SUCKS domain into something that spreads a positive message about your company rather than a negative one. Then, when potential candidates find your .SUCKS recruitment website, they’ll be met with messaging that makes your company stand out in the crowd.

The Takeaway

Though it can be tempting to protect your brand when negative reviews start popping up all over the web, you can’t afford to be reactive in an online environment that moves so quickly.

Take control of your online space by giving people a constructive, monitored and accessible platform for honest communication.

Whether you’re looking to manage your reputation, promote your own material or provide your customers with a place to leave feedback, a .SUCKS domain can be tailored to your needs. So get creative and own your brand’s conversation—before someone else does!

Claim your .SUCKS domain today and start controlling the conversation surrounding your online reputation.

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